By Token Tier 10

Conqueror's Mark of Sanctification  
Priest  Titanosaurus0.00
Warlock  Reios0.00
Warlock  Dotdotdoom0.00
Paladin  Emura0.00
Priest  Merow0.00
Priest  Derbie0.00
Priest  Semperf0.00
Paladin  Trumpsux0.00
Priest  Holyazz0.00
Priest  Nightlife0.00
Warlock  Reios0.00
Paladin  Dhorim0.00
Priest  Hdshadow0.00
Paladin  Mazeri0.00
Priest  Eclipseve0.00
Warlock  Dareyn0.00
Priest  Baylorian0.00
Paladin  Madhátter0.00
Paladin  Supermanex0.00
Paladin  Natron0.00
Paladin  Grumpous0.00
Warlock  Junce0.00
Priest  Reð0.00
Warlock  Darlla0.00
Priest  Dendritë0.00
Warlock  Warwickdavis0.00
Warlock  Murlynn0.00
Paladin  Wayloren0.00
Warlock  Leeslock0.00
Warlock  Gorlockal0.00
Paladin  Hewn0.00
Paladin  Phua0.00
Warlock  Foxcloudz0.00
Priest  Milasant0.00
Warlock  Locklegit0.00
Warlock  Crenzo0.00
Warlock  Dethloc0.00
Paladin  Deezzaladin0.00
Priest  Shaddragon0.00
Priest  Natree0.00
Warlock  Scrouged0.00
Paladin  Spawner0.00
Paladin  Subsub0.00
Priest  Niteweaver0.00
Paladin  Trystryn0.00
Paladin  Maggotheals0.00
Paladin  Xeria0.00
Paladin  Synir0.00
Priest  Gozen0.00
Paladin  Rendelbane0.00
Paladin  Elfegobaca0.00
Priest  Betterpray0.00
Warlock  Scryde0.00
Priest  Texashealer0.00
Priest  Calendulla0.00
Warlock  Stormshieid0.00
Priest  Foreverbrokn0.00
Paladin  Callily0.00
Paladin  Ecanus0.00
Warlock  Decimis0.00
Paladin  Nuru0.00
Paladin  Tristryn0.00
Paladin  Jaise0.00
Warlock  Shadock0.00
Warlock  Hdwarlock0.00
Priest  Märle0.00
Paladin  Crix0.00
Paladin  Palaham0.00
Priest  Troncarter0.00
Warlock  Shazmara0.00
Paladin  Glassdragon0.00
Warlock  Bigdaddypj0.00
Priest  Shaðøw0.00
Paladin  Holyjack0.00
Priest  Cinandra0.00
Paladin  Savoy0.00
Warlock  Kleodotra0.00
Priest  Budnaked0.00
Warlock  Scitzo0.00
Warlock  Lemonfresh0.00
Warlock  Basslock0.00
Priest  Daece0.00
Priest  Betrayed0.00
Paladin  Sydimor0.00
Paladin  Thorbaugh0.00
Paladin  Paddord0.00
Priest  Talmira0.00
Paladin  Torturedfate0.00
Priest  Cassidine0.00
Warlock  Hamloc0.00
Paladin  Salinho0.00
Warlock  Bizzaroex0.00
Priest  Wasteatime0.00
Priest  Lulicia0.00
Paladin  Shadadin0.00
Paladin  Shadhunter0.00
Priest  Kathrynn0.00
Paladin  Amenn0.00
Priest  Vampiria0.00
Warlock  Fraudd0.00
Paladin  Bodies0.00
Warlock  Aloney0.00
Priest  Bandaidgirl0.00
Warlock  Skorned0.00
Warlock  Volffen0.00
Priest  Air0.00
Paladin  Rorhilo0.00
Paladin  Agrais0.00
Paladin  Hdpally0.00
Paladin  Eiramixel0.00
Paladin  Islyfly0.00
Paladin  Remmyma0.00
Warlock  Oopz0.00
Warlock  Nightlock0.00
Paladin  Sempersulli0.00
Priest  Hetria0.00
Warlock  Fracd0.00
Vanquisher's Mark of Sanctification  
Mage  Delik0.00
Death Knight  Hdlorddk0.00
Death Knight  Apolyonex0.00
Rogue  Carabea0.00
Death Knight  Gormaxus0.00
Death Knight  Beezlebumon0.00
Druid  Teosis0.00
Druid  Vext0.00
Mage  Hamie0.00
Death Knight  Stormdrake0.00
Mage  Xyn0.00
Mage  Sweetandsour0.00
Rogue  Deezza0.00
Mage  Kelestra0.00
Mage  Furgi0.00
Druid  Asala0.00
Mage  Seraphinus0.00
Druid  Ellodin0.00
Death Knight  Dreadfear0.00
Death Knight  Delarinna0.00
Death Knight  Impudent0.00
Druid  Delorinna0.00
Druid  Samana0.00
Death Knight  Heavybag0.00
Rogue  Cephied0.00
Death Knight  Trystrin0.00
Druid  Badwolfdeezz0.00
Druid  Kalondra0.00
Druid  Hotthatazz0.00
Rogue  Trystwyd0.00
Death Knight  Delfic0.00
Rogue  Synester0.00
Death Knight  Lyncoln0.00
Druid  Trystruyd0.00
Mage  Bìzzaro0.00
Rogue  Sapandtickle0.00
Rogue  Luckykilla0.00
Death Knight  Turadas0.00
Druid  Pornela0.00
Druid  Azurec0.00
Rogue  Texasdevil0.00
Mage  Xwarlocke0.00
Mage  Therrix0.00
Rogue  Kâhlan0.00
Druid  Hddruid0.00
Rogue  Kuyk0.00
Druid  Krawtch0.00
Death Knight  Deathsvixen0.00
Death Knight  Bikobik0.00
Death Knight  Gripmyazz0.00
Rogue  Stabby0.00
Druid  Naturalflush0.00
Mage  Oven0.00
Druid  Alakja0.00
Mage  Nightcastr0.00
Rogue  Dshell0.00
Death Knight  Deathdeezza0.00
Druid  Saelarra0.00
Mage  Madisin0.00
Rogue  Stabbydragon0.00
Druid  Krittykat0.00
Mage  Iceage0.00
Rogue  Merisiel0.00
Rogue  Kryhavoc0.00
Death Knight  Hdjedi0.00
Mage  Nareye0.00
Mage  Envie0.00
Druid  Bowwowwow0.00
Death Knight  Setherial0.00
Druid  Zilfram0.00
Druid  Phlee0.00
Rogue  Guiseppo0.00
Rogue  Xellana0.00
Druid  Shifti0.00
Rogue  Príon0.00
Druid  Thisel0.00
Mage  Pauzhaan0.00
Mage  Skholar0.00
Druid  Shadorina0.00
Death Knight  Deadseksi0.00
Death Knight  Thedoodler0.00
Mage  Chevywolfy0.00
Death Knight  Acedien0.00
Rogue  Krochsniffr0.00
Rogue  Shadprowler0.00
Mage  Zargaa0.00
Druid  Fdger0.00
Druid  Sailnguy0.00
Druid  Nightshyft0.00
Rogue  Capsparrow0.00
Death Knight  Grims0.00
Rogue  Tipsystagger0.00
Druid  Sempersly0.00
Death Knight  Mokushiroku0.00
Rogue  Nightess0.00
Druid  Leafthrower0.00
Druid  Skolded0.00
Druid  Dayne0.00
Rogue  Saellina0.00
Death Knight  Shadreaper0.00
Death Knight  Southknight0.00
Mage  Payload0.00
Rogue  Dandenge0.00
Mage  Trogdorburn0.00
Mage  Shei0.00
Mage  Kadian0.00
Mage  Medryn0.00
Druid  Nightstormm0.00
Mage  Hinoko0.00
Druid  Notthott0.00
Druid  Benua0.00
Druid  Darthrevan0.00
Mage  Delagain0.00
Death Knight  Nightwatchr0.00
Druid  Mezzaluna0.00
Mage  Izzyice0.00
Mage  Centaurie0.00
Death Knight  Fatesealer0.00
Death Knight  Semperdeath0.00
Mage  Bikbik0.00
Rogue  Väncleef0.00
Druid  Druidyoface0.00
Druid  Amehime0.00
Mage  Enamee0.00
Druid  Dirtbagin0.00
Death Knight  Mendrilas0.00
Rogue  Kendric0.00
Druid  Laurandre0.00
Druid  Cellerunn0.00
Death Knight  Akathartos0.00
Druid  Axon0.00
Rogue  Wolfheart0.00
Druid  Skrewpulls0.00
Mage  Metabolism0.00
Mage  Gormia0.00
Druid  Dalridir0.00
Death Knight  Madisen0.00
Death Knight  Vulnixia0.00
Rogue  Backstabinn0.00
Druid  Madisn0.00
Rogue  Ahwhoo0.00
Death Knight  Câra0.00
Rogue  Chevywolfx0.00
Rogue  Hdroguee0.00
Druid  Delectable0.00
Druid  Despondent0.00
Druid  Avalancha0.00
Mage  Trystwyn0.00
Mage  Spontaneous0.00
Rogue  Sapandtìckle0.00
Death Knight  Krosius0.00
Druid  Nasia0.00
Druid  Killrenex0.00
Rogue  Mudgeon0.00
Rogue  Hdrogue0.00
Rogue  Shazaura0.00
Druid  Thorsten0.00
Rogue  Dvadre0.00
Mage  Hdlord0.00
Druid  Lorra0.00
Mage  Corbine0.00
Druid  Imbibe0.00
Protector's Mark of Sanctification  
Warrior  Tymora0.00
Shaman  Whacky0.00
Hunter  Rename0.00
Warrior  Gorwar0.00
Warrior  Kothis0.00
Shaman  Twototes0.00
Warrior  Acrimony0.00
Warrior  Nightron0.00
Warrior  Helzbelz0.00
Warrior  Morsmordre0.00
Hunter  Arrowness0.00
Warrior  Hdwarrior0.00
Hunter  Harpur0.00
Hunter  Hdlordhunter0.00
Warrior  Semperblue0.00
Warrior  Punchinbagg0.00
Warrior  Kathroot0.00
Hunter  Gildar0.00
Hunter  Hozukimaru0.00
Shaman  Shablam0.00
Hunter  Trystwin0.00
Shaman  Skate0.00
Shaman  Bonitapplbum0.00
Hunter  Musician0.00
Warrior  Yourarmor0.00
Shaman  Hdshammy0.00
Warrior  Kerang0.00
Shaman  Cellboi0.00
Shaman  Shandian0.00
Warrior  Yóda0.00
Warrior  Nyorai0.00
Shaman  Shazama0.00
Warrior  Alaspirn0.00
Hunter  Nighthawkr0.00
Shaman  Felania0.00
Warrior  Grayborn0.00
Hunter  Hdhunterone0.00
Hunter  Leni0.00
Hunter  Cösmaur0.00
Warrior  Ethelwulf0.00
Warrior  Bizbane0.00
Shaman  Deaora0.00
Warrior  Kàhlan0.00
Shaman  Elementalss0.00
Shaman  Vlath0.00
Shaman  Zuulna0.00
Warrior  Dragonwarrio0.00
Hunter  Echøe0.00
Warrior  Tiyra0.00
Warrior  Jun0.00
Shaman  Akuila0.00
Warrior  Bearazz0.00
Hunter  Kamikazee0.00
Shaman  Shamiewow0.00
Hunter  Samestormran0.00
Shaman  Trystwyne0.00
Shaman  Teandimia0.00
Hunter  Nightswatch0.00
Hunter  Gorsmackal0.00
Warrior  Cathous0.00
Warrior  Darthsam0.00
Warrior  Drauh0.00
Hunter  Gustahv0.00
Shaman  Stormsnight0.00
Hunter  Seksiboo0.00
Hunter  Rendelle0.00
Hunter  Nicomoon0.00
Shaman  Nightra0.00
Warrior  Delerinna0.00
Hunter  Synec0.00
Hunter  Kainen0.00
Warrior  Dönkeypunch0.00
Shaman  Urzual0.00
Shaman  Shambulänce0.00
Shaman  Hdshammy0.00
Shaman  Keggerator0.00
Hunter  Madisn0.00
Warrior  Snooptrogg0.00
Shaman  Astrya0.00
Shaman  Shambulance0.00
Hunter  Jhayda0.00
Warrior  Foxcloud0.00
Shaman  Shâmwow0.00
Warrior  Leaps0.00
Hunter  Shazrawr0.00
Warrior  Onewavedave0.00
Warrior  Aggromaan0.00
Shaman  Tristana0.00
Warrior  Syic0.00
Hunter  Skruples0.00
Warrior  Tonin0.00
Hunter  Cluesblues0.00
Shaman  Menma0.00
Shaman  Drakorra0.00
Hunter  Rhaeghar0.00
Hunter  Snìper0.00
Shaman  Ashkii0.00
Hunter  Uforia0.00
Hunter  Kinali0.00
Shaman  Goostrider0.00
Shaman  Semperific0.00
Hunter  Nightflex0.00
Shaman  Satsuko0.00
Shaman  Tolland0.00
Hunter  Datguy0.00
Hunter  Delamir0.00
Shaman  Calilly0.00
Shaman  Carya0.00
Shaman  Gorshammy0.00
Shaman  Spadesrage0.00
Hunter  Deathsight0.00
Hunter  Ghuntah0.00
Warrior  Laurasia0.00
Hunter  Onivert0.00
Where are my guild's characters?

By default any character on the Character List in the Admin area that is marked as Raid Eligible will show here. However, if you have enabled the feature to require the characater to be on the raid roster then the character must be on the raid roster for this pool to show on this page.

Exclusions May Be In Effect

Characters not meeting minimums of Effort/Earned and Gear/Spent and Priority/Total have been excluded from this list. These characters will show in the All Members list, but will not show here because the minimums are not met.
No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em